WTF?! While it's true that Nintendo isn't the "family-friendly-only" company it once was, one wouldn't expect to find a title about secretly masturbating on its eShop. And yet that's the premise of 'Don't get caught,' a game about, you guessed it, not getting spotted while performing an act of self-love. Unsurprisingly, the company has now pulled it off the storefront, with the makers claiming it was uploaded by accident.

The game is described as "a silly and scary first-person stealth game with a twist," while that may sound like something suitable for all ages, buyers should take heed of the warning about "scenes of sexual activities which are inappropriate for younger audiences."

Inappropriate is definitely the keyword here. The frankly bewildering premise sees you take control of a hitchhiker who accepts a lift from a man with a sinister-looking doll in his back seat. During the journey, the protagonist is overcome with the urge to perform a 'ménage à un' using some very unsexy polaroids, all while avoiding being caught in the act by the driver or the (possessed?) doll---a common scenario we've all likely faced. It's seems a bit like Five Nights at Freddy's, only really, really bad.

Don't get caught was supposed to release for the Nintendo Switch on July 13, but a game about onanism drew a lot of controversy on social media, and Nintendo stepped in to remove the offending member.

How Don't get caught ended up on the eStore is a mystery, and even the developer doesn't want to take credit. Ultimate Games told Nintendo Life that the listing was an "accident," and it won't be released on the Switch.

There are some adult-only games on the Switch, including Mortal Kombat 11 and Bayonetta 2. Even murder simulator Hatred is heading to the platform. But it seems jerking simulators will have to make do with Steam for the time being.