In brief: Netflix is offering a unique opportunity to put those years of honing your video game skills to good use. To promote its new action film "The Old Guard," the streaming giant is hosting a video game competition in which the winner will earn an "Immortal" Netflix account. It's not truly eternal but it does last for 1,000 months, or more than 83 years.

Interested parties will compete in an original game that mirrors the events of the film. The top-down, browser-based beat 'em up will have players fighting off hordes of enemies using only a giant, double-bladed axe. As is the case in the film, Netflix notes, death isn't the end; getting killed only slows you down.

The competition runs for three days - July 17, 18 and 19 - and whoever has the highest overall score when the timer runs out will be crowned the winner of the Immortal Netflix account.

Hacking and slashing gets started at 8 a.m. Pacific today so if you're serious about winning and don't mind burning up the next three days... well, settle in, because it's going to be a long 72 hours. Given that this is a new game and there isn't much notice, it would seem that most anyone willing to grind it out could have a fair shot at winning.

If you'd rather watch the movie, the 125-minute-long flick, which launched on July 10, is currently available on Netflix.