In context: 2K Games recently revealed that it would be raising the price for NBA 2K to $70. This increase was notable, as it was the first time a AAA game publisher had raised the price of a flagship title above $60, barring various special editions or bundle deals, of course.

When this news broke, many gamers immediately feared that other AAA publishers would follow 2K's lead and begin raising the cost of their own next-gen titles to $70 or more. That might seem like a premature reaction, but publishers do tend to copy each other's monetization strategies when they prove successful. Just look at the rise of "live services," loot boxes, and other forms of microtransactions for evidence of that.

However, most other publishers have remained silent on this issue -- until now. In a recent earnings call with investors, Ubisoft addressed the issue of raising prices on next-gen video games directly, stating that all of its games set to release this fall will remain priced at $60.

Former Kotaku editor Jason Schreier was also able to reach out to Ubisoft to confirm that all of the company's games launched over Christmas will, similarly, retain the $60 price point. Those games include the likes of Watch Dogs: Legion and Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, to name a few more notable examples.

Specifically, Ubisoft told Schreier the following:

We are concentrating on the Christmas releases. We have decided those games will be launched at $60.

Obviously, Ubisoft has chosen its words carefully here. It makes no mention of its pricing plans for post-2020 launches, leaving the door open for a planned $10 price hike down the line. Of course, Ubisoft's vague wording could just as easily indicate a "wait and see" mindset. Perhaps the company simply wants to let 2K take the first step into the realm of $70 gaming and gauge the community's reaction before taking the risk for itself.

In any case, we're curious to hear your thoughts on the matter. Do you think $70 games will be the norm for the next generation of consoles (and, by extension, PCs)? If so, is that a price you'd be willing to pay, or are you more likely to wait for AAA games to go on sale before picking them up? Let us know in the comments below.