In brief: Images of what's claimed to be the PS5's faceplate have hit the internet. Not only do they reaffirm the console's monstrous size, but they also suggest that the console is customizable.

The photos, which appeared on Chinese forum A9VG, could be fakes, but they do appear pretty convincing. Assuming they're the real deal and comparing the faceplate to the piece of paper in the image, the console will be around 14 to 15 inches long.

According to a German Amazon listing, the PS5 is going to be the second-heaviest console ever at 10.54 pounds, beaten only by the behemoth that was the 11-pound PlayStation 3, so we already know it's going to be a big boy.

What's getting people excited is that the faceplate looks easily removable, suggesting owners could customize their machines by purchasing different covers with various themes. That does sound appealing, but the plate could be removable for easy access to the PS5's internals. It's worth remembering that part of the PS4's shell slides off for replacing the hard drive.

While swappable faceplates would likely boost the PS5's sales even more, such a feature could impact sales of any special-edition consoles. We've just heard reports that Sony is expecting to sell between 120 - 170 million PlayStation 5s over its five-year lifespan, meaning it could surpass the best-selling console ever: the 155+ million-selling PlayStation 2.

We're drawing ever closer to the PS5's "holiday 2020" launch. Sony hasn't narrowed that date down, though a Microsoft exec recently revealed the Xbox Series X would arrive in November, so expect its rival to land during the same month. We still don't have a price, but pre-orders are said to be imminent.