What just happened? PlayStation 3 gamers have managed to unlock a secret cutscene in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain that can only be triggered once all of the in-game nuclear weapons have been disarmed. Peace, at last!

Shortly after Metal Gear Solid V launched in late 2015, Konami confirmed that the game featured a secret nuclear disarmament event that could only be activated once every nuke on your regional server had been disarmed. Getting so many players to commit to disarmament seemed virtually impossible yet remarkably, it has finally been accomplished.

On July 27, PlayStation 3 gamers managed to bring the total nuke count to zero and trigger the secret cutscene. Of course, this is not the first time we've seen it.

Data miners uncovered the nearly nine-minute-long video shortly after the game's launch but nobody was sure how to activate it. Konami supplied those details in due time and thanks to a system glitch in 2018, the event was prematurely activated on the PC.

The most recent trigger is the only time the event has genuinely been triggered as intended. Sure, it would have been neat to witness for the first time organically but it is special nevertheless.

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