In brief: Lego’s Nintendo Entertainment System launches later this week. The 2,646-piece kit comes with everything needed to build a Lego model of the original NES complete with 1:1 scale gamepad, a Super Mario Bros. cartridge and even a retro-style tube TV complete with hand crank to "animate" Mario on the screen. But it’s what is lurking inside the system that makes it all the more special.

Spoiler alert: if you’d rather experience the surprise as you build the set, you’d best turn back now.

IGN recently received an early sample of the Lego NES and discovered a neat little Easter egg. While building the set, which is recommended for users aged 18 and older due to its complexity, you’ll discover that Lego has hidden a diorama of World 1-2 within the console. Specifically, it’s the end section of the level where you have the option to exit the stage as usual or jump over the pipe and scroll over to access warp pipes to levels two, three or four.

It’s a scene that will be immediately recognizable to virtually everyone that has ever played Super Mario Bros. The in-game hidden warp zones were a brilliant design element by Shigeru Miyamoto and crew as it introduces players to the concept that secrets were a big part of the game.

Lego item #71374 is priced at $229.99 and ships on August 1.

Image credit: Kevin Wong, IGN