Bottom line: Anker has expanded upon its usual product lineup of chargers, cables and power banks with the new PowerCore Play 6K. Although the company is marketing it as a mobile game controller, the absence of physical buttons makes this accessory more like a chunky grip that has a built-in 6,700mAh battery and a cooling fan to charge phones and keep them from overheating during prolonged gaming sessions. It's compatible with both iOS and Android devices sized anywhere between 5.7"- 6.45" and is currently available to buy from Amazon for $36.

Anker's new PowerCore Play 6K controller may not appeal to the Stadia/xCloud gaming crowd, given that its lack of physical buttons and sticks would prevent it from offering the full cloud gaming experience. It will, however, benefit traditional mobile players used to on-screen touch controls by offering them a sturdy grip on their phone, while also charging and cooling it at the same time.

The accessory comes with a 6,700mAh battery that delivers 12W of power through its USB-A port or 15W through USB-C. It also recharges through the latter, which should take about 3 hours to refill with a 10W wall charger, according to Anker.

The grip itself is extendable, allowing for a variety of iPhone and Android models to fit snugly inside, while the on-board cooling fan should help keep temperatures in check. Anker also advises customers to remove phone cases when using this accessory to allow for better heat dissipation and fitting.

At nearly 200 grams (7 oz), this controller's weight is on par with most phones it'll be holding, and Anker has designed it to be small enough to carry around in pockets. It also has a flip stand to make watching videos on your phone more comfortable.

At $36, the PowerCore Play 6K controller is considerably cheaper (and way more casual) than something like a Razer Kishi, though both gadgets are ultimately targeting a different audience and tend to enhance mobile gaming in their own separate ways.