Highly anticipated: With Nvidia's Ampere-based consumer graphics cards around the corner, MSI has just registered 29 codes with the Eurasian Economic Commission that appear to be the upcoming products. Based on MSI's entries for the RTX 20 series, the new codes refer to the RTX 3090, RTX 3080, and RTX 3070.

As reported by PC Gamer, MSI never actually named the cards in the database, referring to them only as 'video cards.' While there are 29 entries, they seem to cover multiple variations of three different models: 602-V388, 602-V389, and 602-V390. There's also a 602-3889, though PC Gamer notes this looks like a typo.

Assuming MSI follows its previous naming system, the lower the number, the higher-spec the card. With the RTX 20 series, V375 referred to the RTX 2060, V373 was the RTX 2070, V372 cards were the RTX 2080, and V371 referred to RTX 2080 Ti cards. If the same applies to the next-gen products, V388 is the RTX 3090, V389 is the RTX 3080, and the four V390 codes belong to the RTX 3070.

While MSI has registered 29 codes---14 for V388, 11 for V389, and four for V390---that doesn't mean we'll see 29 new Ampere graphics cards arrive this year; the company is probably registering them in preparation for future launches.

With Nvidia's GeForce Special Event taking place on September 1, there has been a slew of Ampere leaks and rumors recently. We saw the first pictures of the monstrous RTX 3090, which will reportedly come with a very high price. There was also a database entry detailing some of the RTX 3080's specs. We'll find out Nvidia's plans when it reveals all on September 1.