Highly anticipated: We're now only three weeks away from AMD's official unveiling of its Zen 3-based CPUs, and the company is ramping up the hype, with one exec boasting that it will be a "tremendously powerful" architecture.

AMD has been singing the praises of Zen 3 for a while and is now trying to get more people excited as the reveal date draws closer. As reported by Seeking Alpha, AMD senior vice president Forrest Norrod had this to say during the Deutsche Bank 2020 conference call.

"So you know that first Zen 1 Core was great and hugely cored, but Zen2 was as well. And Zen 3, that's at the heart of our next-generation products is also a tremendously powerful architecture and you know right on the trajectory that we needed to be on."

After spending most of the year assuring consumers that the pandemic hadn't caused Zen 3 to be delayed until 2021, AMD confirmed its unveiling date last week. The first series of Ryzen 4000 desktop processors will be shown off on October 8 at 12 pm ET, while graphics card fans can see the next-gen Radeon 6000 cards, aka Big Navi, a few weeks later when they debut on October 28 at 12 pm ET.

Calling Zen 3 "tremendously powerful" might be more than just hyperbole from AMD. The platform's architecture, which powers Ryzen 4000 desktop CPUs, is not only said to bring huge IPC (instructions per clock) gains---possibly as much as 20% compared to its predecessor---but also comes with faster clocks (around 200 - 300 MHz) and improved efficiency.

Back in August, we saw a purported leak of the Ryzen 9 4950X---a 16-core/32-thread CPU with a boost frequency reaching 4.8 GHz. If accurate, it could finally give team red's chips the edge against rival Intel when it comes to gaming.