Why it matters: Are you a fan of Lego? Do you want an RTX 3090? Have you got a lot of money? If the answer to all three is yes, then Galax's GeForce RTX 3090 Gamer Edition graphics card could be for you. The aftermarket card takes Nvidia's upcoming gaming monster and wraps it in a design heavily inspired by the Danish company's small plastic bricks.

Galax has a history of producing unconventional graphic cards. Earlier this year, it unveiled the RTX 2070 Super/2080 Super EX Pink Editions, adding to the colorful white and black RTX 20-series in its roster. They're still not as outlandish as this Lego design, though.

Images from Expreview show the Gamer custom model is a triple-slot, triple-fan design. It comes with splashes of red and blue, and there are some Lego-like sections dotted around the sides, so maybe you'll be able to attach a few of your Lego pieces to it.

Elsewhere, we see the card has a ventilated backplate that will allow air to pass through the rear. It also supports ARGB lighting with a four-pin interface, and there are two 8-pin power connectors.

There's no word on how much this card will cost but expect something that will make your wallet cry. Nvidia's Founders Edition alone is $1,499, and aftermarket cards such as the Asus RTX 3090 ROG Strix cost $1,700.

Sadly, it appears that the Galax GeForce RTX 3090 Gamer Edition will only be released in China, so getting your hands on one won't be easy. Still, hardcore Lego fans could be willing to pay for imports.