Recap: The Atari VCS landed on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo in May 2018 and was an instant success as more than 11,000 backers pledged north of $3 million to support the system's development and production. Early units were expected to be delivered by the spring of 2019 but a string of delays pushed the launch date further and further back.

Atari's VCS home video game console is finally, actually (maybe) about to ship to early backers, the company promises.

In a recent post on Medium, Atari said its team has been putting the finishing touches on the first batch of units and "sending them to the US where they will be sorted and shipped to eager Indiegogo backers very soon."

Atari said the batch in question is the "one-time-only," Indiegogo-exclusive Atari VCS Collector's Edition model. Only 6,000 numbered and authenticated versions of this model are being created, we're told.

Atari also shared a handful of photos, allegedly from the assembly line earlier this month.

The news is no doubt encouraging for patient backers but then again, we've been down this road before.

This past May, Atari said the first batch of around 500 units would exit the factory by mid-June but there's no indication if that ever happened or not.

Between the seemingly endless delays and reports of pay disputes, some have questioned whether or not the system will ever materialize.