In context: GOG's Galaxy 2.0 client has been out in the wild for months now, and our impressions have been largely positive. However, the storefront left quite a bit to be desired – it was essentially a cut-back version of GOG's website store, both visually and functionally.

The trouble is, GOG's website storefront is quite a bit different to the rest of the Galaxy 2.0 experience. The interface is less streamlined, and the color scheme is made up of greens and whites, whereas the rest of Galaxy 2.0 features sleek gradients, purples, and whites.

Today, GOG is beginning to test out a more consistent in-app store experience. Functionally, not much is changing – most of the changes are aesthetic only, so it's much better for us to show you the tweaks than attempt to describe them. Check out some of the images throughout this article for examples of the updated look.

However, what we can discuss is another major change arriving for the GOG platform. As part of its mission to make GOG Galaxy your one-stop-shop for organizing all of your games, no matter their platform, CD Projekt will begin selling games from other platforms – even exclusives – directly through the Galaxy app.

For now, that means you can buy a wide array of Epic Games Store titles through GOG. We assume you still need to have the Epic Games Store downloaded to actually play the games (so they probably won't be DRM-free), but buying through GOG entitles you to the platform's generous 30-day, no-questions-asked refund policy.