In brief: If you're planning on using Microsoft's recently launched xCloud service for streaming games to your phone, a handset controller will make life a lot easier. There are plenty to choose from, including an upcoming pair from Nacon that feature both wireless connectivity and official Xbox branding.

Nacon's new MG-X Series has been specially designed for Android mobile devices and the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which combines the Game Pass, Xbox Gold online gaming, and the xCloud streaming service.

The MG-X Series controllers include adjustable stands that can secure any Android phone up to 6.7 inches, so you'll be able to squeeze the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in there---just. And instead of connecting via USB like many similar controllers, these use Bluetooth 4.2. While the company states they're for Android phones, the wireless functionality means they could work on Apple devices in the future should Microsoft's web version become a reality.

There are two options available for handheld gamers---the MG-X and the MG-X Pro. The former is a more compact model, while the Pro version (top) has handles and looks like an extended Xbox One controller. You also get up to 20 hours of gaming, thanks to the included rechargeable battery.

Nacon is also launching some traditional console controllers for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and the PC. The company says they are fully customizable and optimized for competitive gaming, featuring "full-featured software for creating profiles, a carry case, stick accessories and additional weights."

In other xCloud news, it seems users can stream games on a smart fridge by sideloading the Game Pass Ultimate Android app.

No word yet on pricing, but all the controllers will be available early in 2021