WTF?! The number of devices we've seen running Doom is huge, but it's always been the original 90s game or its sequel-given their low demands. This time, it's a little different: someone has hacked a Samsung smart fridge to play Doom Eternal.

As reported by The Verge, This act of trickery is made possible using Microsoft's xCloud game streaming service. Richard Mallard sideloaded the Android version of the Xbox Game Pass onto his fridge, and from there was able to stream Doom Eternal using Microsoft's service. He posted a clip of the game in action on Instagram.

While Mallard could have streamed any number of games from xCloud, he chose Doom Eternal as a nod to all the devices we've seen running Doom in the past. Following Microsoft's purchase of Bethesda Softworks parent company ZeniMax last month for $7.5 billion, the Redmond firm announced that the sequel to the 2016 reboot would arrive on to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Microsoft's xCloud launched last month with over 150 games available to stream, and those who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate get it for free. The service works across a number of devices, and fridges, but Apple isn't making it easy to bring xCloud to its products. Cupertino did update its App Store guidelines recently, allowing third-party game-streaming services on iOS and iPadOS, but companies must submit games individually as separate apps. Microsoft is reportedly looking to bypass this restriction by working on a web version of xCloud for iOS devices.

Some of the devices we've seen running the original versions of Doom include: the retro-style Playdate handheld, a McDonald's cash register, John McAfee's "unhackable" crypto wallet, Apple's touch bar, a single keyboard key display, a Porsche 911, inkjet printers, a Commodore 64, ATMs, calculators, iPods, and even a virtual console within both Minecraft and Doom. There was also a custom chip earlier this year that plays nothing but Doom.