What just happened? Castlevania spiritual successor Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is coming to mobile devices. Developer ArtPlay shared the news on Monday, confirming that the Metroidvania-style game is being co-developed for Android and iOS with help from Chinese Internet technology company NetEase.

ArtPlay said the mobile ports will feature all of the action, gameplay and content of their console cousins without any compromises in terms of visual quality or gameplay fidelity.

That doesn't mean it'll be an exact clone, however. The mobile variant is getting redesigned shard icons as well as weapons and combos that have been "adapted" for mobile play. The port also comes with all console DLC pre-installed, making it the definitive edition of the game.

ArtPlay didn't provide a launch date but did describe the mobile variant as a "premium title," likely meaning it won't be free-to-play.

Bloodstained is the creation of Koji Igarashi, a former Konami employee that left the company in 2014. He turned to Kickstarter in mid-2015 and managed to raise more than $5.5 million for the project. After at least one delay, the game finally launched on most major platforms on June 18, 2019. A week later, it dropped on the Nintendo Switch but hasn't proven nearly as popular on that platform.