WTF?! Movie theater chains have become one of the industries hit hardest by the pandemic, with social restrictions and movie delays causing closures. To offset the lack of customers, some are turning to alternative money-making ideas, including renting out locations for people to indulge in their fantasy of playing games on a giant screen.

UK-based cinema chain Odeon announced its Big Screen Gaming offer on Twitter. "Check out #pewdiepie's latest IG story for a glimpse at our awesome #BigScreenGaming offer! Play your favourite games up on the biggest screen in our cinemas," reads the tweet.

PewDiePie's now-expired Instagram story showed him sitting in a cinema playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The tweet mentions that interested parties can get 10 percent off a booking, and while there's no mention of a price, the company confirmed in the replies that the service begins at £100 ($130).

Odeon doesn't say how long the sessions can last or what games will be available, but renting a cinema to play games does sound pretty amazing, and sharing the cost between a group of friends would make it an even more enticing prospect.

In the US, some movie theater chains are renting out screens for private parties. Alamo Drafthouse gives private movie screenings for up to 30 people at prices that start from $150. That's just for the reservation---each person must also buy a movie ticket at the general admission price. AMC and Cinemark are also offering a screen-rental service. The former company will be hoping the plan works; it recently warned that it could run out of money by the end of the year after revenue fell 98 percent YoY.

Image credit: Andrey_Kuzmin