In brief: If you like collecting Amazon delivery boxes (for some reason), it seems we have some good news for you today. The retail giant is reportedly sending out some packages in special, limited-edition Mario-themed boxes. This is part of a new partnership between Amazon itself and Nintendo, intended to help the latter company celebrate Mario's 35th anniversary.

Nintendo announced this fresh partnership on its "Missions" tab, which is essentially a hub for all of the company's ongoing challenges, in-game events, quizzes, and other limited-time experiences.

This Mission is a sweepstakes, of sorts, as buying any product on Amazon this November is enough to "enter" you to "win" one of these limited-edition boxes. We are not sure what the odds of being sent one of these boxes are, but Nintendo says they're chosen to go out at random.

Even if you don't snag one of these boxes for yourself, there are other ways to participate in the 35th Mario anniversary fun. If you take a walk on over to Amazon's new anniversary page, you'll see a condensed history of the entire Mario franchise, with several major games listed alongside small description blurbs.

Toward the bottom of the page, you'll see a call-to-action that will let you complete the "Amazon Super Mario Bros. 35th mission" to earn yourself 100 Platinum Points, which are a form of currency over on Nintendo's website.

There's not much else to do on this page, but you will see shopping and pre-order links aplenty for Nintendo's existing and upcoming products, such as Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury (set for a 2021 launch).

If you happen to get a limited-edition Mario box with your next Amazon order, let us know in the comments.