What just happened? No company is immune to cyberattacks, and unfortunately, gaming giant Capcom learned that lesson the hard way recently. In a press release published yesterday, the company revealed that its "internal network" had been breached as of November 2.

Capcom's decision to report this issue sooner rather than later is commendable. As we've seen with past data breaches, companies will sometimes try to get away with not revealing them at all. Sometimes that pays off, but often, it doesn't.

Either way, quickly owning up to your mistake, apologizing for it, and investigating the matter -- all of which Capcom is doing here -- is the type of example we wish more companies would follow.

As far as the impact of this breach goes, Capcom claims it has no reason to believe any customer data has been exposed "at present." As many of us tech enthusiasts know, a company's beliefs are not always grounded in reality, so it's usually best to err on the side of caution and assume the worst.

If you have an account with any of Capcom's various services, it might be best to reset your password and set up two-factor authentication, when and if it's available.

Furthermore, if you've made any purchases through those services, we'd also recommend keeping an eye on your bank and credit card statements for the next week or so. We are not, of course, attempting to generate fear here, but a healthy dose of caution is always worthwhile these days.

Capcom says it will update the public as additional facts become clear, so if any critical information comes to light, we'll do our best to keep you in the loop.