Bottom line: AMD’s highly anticipated Ryzen 5000 series desktop CPUs launched late last week in four different flavors across a range of price points. Unfortunately for some prospective buyers eager to part with their money, inventory issues are proving to be an early road block.

A quick check at Amazon turns up zero results for AMD’s new lineup. It’s a similar story over on Newegg as all Zen 3 models are out of stock Tiger Direct has nothing, either. You’ll have better results through outlets like eBay, but expect to pay a significant premium.

Similar “inventory” issues plagued Nvidia’s Ampere GPU launch last month, prompting the company to push back the arrival date of the RTX 3070 by two weeks, to October 29. As of writing, Ampere cards are still next to impossible to find in stock.

In addressing some of the concerns on Twitter, AMD’s Frank Azor said there is a difference between a “paper launch” and shipping tons of units but demand exceeding supply.

When asked if AMD implemented a plan to prevent bots from interfering with the Zen 3 launch, Azor said they did make a strong effort that succeeded in many cases. “It’s a battle that is never completely won,” Azor added, applauding his team’s efforts and those of retail partners. “We continue to learn & adapt with every launch. We want our products in the hands of their intended users.”