Highly anticipated: Have there ever been so many photos and leaks of an unconfirmed product as the RTX 3060 Ti? Nvidia has remained quiet about what could be the next Ampere product, thought to arrive on December 2, but information keeps arriving thick and fast. The latest pieces of the puzzle are purported images of the card's Founders Edition, which looks a lot like the RTX 3070 FE.

The images, courtesy of Videocardz, show the RTX 3060 Ti Founders edition has a near-identical cooler design to the RTX 3070 FE, with dual-axial fans and finned radiator. There's also the same single 12-pin PCIe power connector in the middle of the card, Thankfully, it will come with a 12-pin to two 8-pin adaptor.

The publication does note that one minor difference is the color: the upcoming card is slightly more silver than the RTX 3070 FE.

It was only last week when we saw what's claimed to be leaked presentation slides from Nvidia showing the RTX 3060 Ti outperforming the RTX 2080 Super and absolutely crushing its previous-gen equivalent, the RTX 2060 Super.

The RTX 3060 Ti is expected to feature the same GA104 GPU found in the $499 RTX 3070. It will have fewer CUDA cores (4,864), Tensor cores (152), and RT cores (38), but uses the same 8GB of GDDR6 memory clocked at 14 Gbps, 256-bit memory bus, and 448 GB/s maxmium bandwidth. The FE is said to come with a 1,410 MHz base clock and a 1,665 MHz boost clock, while costing around $399.

Videocardz also notes that a few alleged custom designs of the RTX 3060 Ti have appeared online, including some from Inno3D and Gigabyte.

With that supposed December 2 launch date just one week away, one would expect Nvidia to make some announcement, or at least drop a hint about its arrival, in the next few days.