In context: Last month, Amazon's UK customers began complaining on Twitter that the retailer's carriers were "stealing" their PS5 orders. A few customers said a delivery driver pulled up to the driveway, marked the order as delivered, and then took off, whereas others say drivers never showed up at all. In the worst cases, some found that the contents of their packages had been swapped for items like cat food and kitchen appliances.

And who can blame them? With how horrible the stock situation has been for these consoles, not receiving your order – even if you get a refund (which some complaining customers did) – effectively means you could be waiting weeks (or more) for another chance to grab one.

With Christmas just around the corner, that's hardly an ideal scenario for desperate parents and gamers. Fortunately, Amazon's UK branch is seeking to make things right. PushSquare editor Anthony Dickens was one of the affected individuals (proving to many that this situation isn't fake or a running joke), and he was recently contacted by Amazon with the news that he would be receiving a replacement for his undelivered console – he'd received a Nerf Gun instead.

While this might initially seem like an isolated attempt to please a journalist, Amazon has since confirmed that all affected customers will be contacted (if they haven't already) with similar notices. Their cards will need to be charged again, of course (due to the refunds), but once that's occurred, they will be sent vouchers they can use to snag a new PS5. They will presumably then be prioritized above others when the consoles come back in stock.

It's unfortunate that all of this happened in the first place, but we're pleased that Amazon UK is resolving the situation for its customers beyond simple refunds.

Now, the only question that remains is this: will Dickens get to keep his Nerf Gun? We hope so.

Image credit: Mr. Mikla