Editor's take: You'd think that with so many must-haves this holiday season, there'd be enough total product to go around, but that simply hasn't proven true. Virtually all of the latest tech toys are in demand and out of stock. Understandably, for some that would normally never consider selling their scores, the potential for a big return is proving difficult to resist.

It's not unusual for the holiday season to be dominated by a hot gift or two. The NES Classic, Tamagotchi, Tickle Me Elmo and the Furby are just a few that immediately come to mind over, but these were all spread out over multiple years.

In 2020, things are different, at least in the tech sector. The latest video cards from AMD and Nvidia are next to impossible to find in stock, as are Ryzen 5000 series CPUs. And if you want a game console from Sony or Microsoft, you're either going to have to get incredibly lucky or turn to third-party outlets like eBay and pay a hefty premium.

A quick check of sold listings on eBay for the disc version of the PlayStation 5 reveals an average selling price of around $1,000, give or take a few bucks. It carries an MSRP of just $499. The digital-only version of the console is regularly selling in the mid-$900 range (it normally retails for $399).

The Xbox Series X, meanwhile, seems to be a tad bit more affordable, commanding around $800 or so ($499 MSRP). Microsoft's Xbox Series S, which normally goes for $299, can be had for roughly $450-500, making it the least expensive of the bunch.

A combination of short supply (likely due to manufacturing hiccups associated with the pandemic), intense demand from consumers and heightened activity from bots / resellers all contributed to the perfect storm we currently find ourselves in.

Masthead credit: Girts Ragelis