In brief: If you were excited about the prospect of EA rolling its game catalog into your Game Pass subscription through the latter's upcoming EA Play integration, we've got some bad news for you today. Microsoft has announced that EA Play will not be coming to Game Pass this year, after all. Instead, it'll roll out sometime in 2021.

Microsoft hasn't announced any new dates for when we might expect to see EA Play on Game Pass – it was formerly set to arrive on November 10 – but if we had to guess, we'd say it'll probably come in February or March.

It's tough to say why Microsoft made this decision. If this was a game delay we were talking about, it would make sense: the Covid-19 pandemic hasn't been easy on developers. However, theoretically, implementing EA Play into Game Pass should've been a relatively straightforward process. The games are already finished, so on paper, it should be as simple as granting access to Game Pass subscribers so they can download and play the titles.

It seems that's not the case, though. For one reason or another, Microsoft needs a bit more time to "provide the Xbox Game Pass experience" to EA's games. We aren't sure what that means, but hopefully, it'll ultimately lead to Game Pass users experiencing little to no issues when they launch up The Sims 4 or Titanfall 2.

If you're interested in taking Game Pass for a spin, your first three months of Ultimate will only cost you $1. After that, you can opt for a monthly subscription of $10 (for the basic Game Pass experience), or go for the higher-tier Ultimate subscription for $15/month. Ultimate is the better deal overall, with "free" access to Microsoft's xCloud streaming service and Xbox Live Gold, but most PC gamers will be fine with the basic service.