Future TVs: Have you ever felt like your bed is just a bit too boring? If so, LG has you covered with its latest invention: a massive, 55-inch transparent OLED TV that can roll up right from the foot of your bed.

This technology was teased a couple of weeks ago, during LG's pre-CES hype-building campaign, but it was properly shown off at the all-digital event itself today.

Despite being called the "55-inch Transparent OLED Smart Bed," the transparent display unit does not require a bed or a bed frame to function. It's a self-contained device that you could theoretically place anywhere.

However, if you do want to spice up your evening relaxation sessions, you can't go wrong with LG's intended foot-of-the-bed placement. The TV unit's relatively short height (it only extends about a foot above the height of an average bed) and thin profile should prevent it from getting in the way, both visually and physically.

When the TV is activated, it slowly slides up into view – when it's off, it slides down into its compartment, staying helpfully out of your way.

The display can also support partial content displays. For example, you might configure the TV to only roll up about 15 percent, and show you some basic information like the current time, date, and outside weather (see an example above).

This version of LG's see-through TV tech is about 40 percent transparent, so you could theoretically view what's behind it, such as a family member or a second TV. That could prove troublesome or distracting in some cases, but we suppose LG is banking on p

It remains to be seen whether or not LG's TV will ever become a real product, but it's certainly a cool concept.