WTF?! You probably love your PC, but do you love it enough to wear a pair of sneakers featuring a replica RTX 3080, working fan and screens? It appears that such an unlikely-sounding product could exist.

The name RTFKT (Artifact Studios) might be unfamiliar. The company, which makes "virtual and physical next-gen collectible sneakers for the best esports, gaming, and entertainment celebrities," has teamed up with NZXT, creator of some of our favorite PC cases and other components, for the bizarre-looking shoes.

"We're super excited to announce a partnership with @NZXT, empowering RTFKT and our creators community to create the future of fashion and collectibles, powering our vision, community and crazy ideas with their awesome builds and love of gaming," tweeted the firm.

Details on the sneakers are pretty vague right now. They appear to feature an LCD similar to the Kraken Z73 cooler's that can be customized with gifs using NZXT's CAM software. There also seems to be a holographic window.

The shoes look hugely impractical for walking, which isn't something you want with a sneaker, and they don't look very comfortable. Assuming they're real and not a stunt, these are likely just collectors' pieces designed for display purposes. Still, they're probably the only chance you have of getting an RTX 3080 right now.

Despite their true nature being unclear, response to the shoes has been overwhelmingly positive on Twitter, with many asking where they can buy the sneakers/merchandise/mini-PC.

Thanks, PC Gamer.