Forward-looking: Will there ever be another Galaxy Note? What once seemed like an improbable scenario has been looking more likely over the last few years as the increasingly large S series makes Samsung's other main flagship less relevant. With the Galaxy S21 Ultra offering S-Pen support, some analysts and leakers believe we won't see a Galaxy Note 21.

Rumors that Samsung could discontinue its long-running Galaxy Note series arrived last Summer. With a crowded high-end lineup that includes the Flip and Fold handsets, the company is reportedly looking to streamline its flagship offerings.

It used to be that the Note series, with its larger display and included stylus, was the preferred choice for professionals, but the S series has been growing ever similar to its sibling in terms of size and specs. The only real difference had been support for the S-Pen, but that changed with the the Galaxy S21 Ultra---though the stylus is an optional extra. It will also be supported on other future Samsung devices.

One person who believes the Galaxy Note brand has been discontinued is renowned and reliable leaker Ice Universe. They tweeted a simple "The End" card with the words "Galaxy Note" above it (via Tom's Hardware).

Ice Universe isn't alone in his belief. Other analysts agree that the Note series is over, though some think Samsung will release an FE version of the Note 20, just as it did with the Galaxy S20 FE.

Not all reports point to the brand's demise. Yonhap News last month wrote that Samsung is "preparing to release the next Galaxy Note," in 2021, citing an anonymous official within the firm.

As someone who's been a Note user since the Note 3, it would be sad to see the series come to an end. But all signs point toward its death.