What just happened? In addition to his movie roles, you may recognize actor Justin Long as the "I'm a Mac" guy from Apple's "Get a Mac" commercials that were so popular in the mid-2000s. He's now back in a similar ad campaign. This time, though, he's mocking Apple's products while highlighting the benefits of owning a PC.

Intel's new ads begin with Long in front of the familiar white background seen in Apple's old commercials. He starts with "Hello, I'm a... Justin," before listing the M1 Macs' shortcomings.

One ad compares the flexibility of an Intel 2-in-1 (Lenovo Yoga 9i) to a MacBook Pro, noting the former's ability to work as both a traditional laptop and a tablet. The ad implies similar functionality within Apple's ecosystem would require an iPad, keyboard, stylus, and a dongle.

Another commercial features someone gaming on a Core i7-powered MSI Gaming Stealth 15M, noting that "no one games on a Mac." Apple's computers are also mocked for their Touch Bars, lack of touchscreens and M1 multi-monitor support, and the color choices of "gray and grayer."

The positive reception to Apple's M1 chip saw Intel launch a public offensive against Cupertino, starting with a series of "Go PC" ads in February that boasted only PCs could "power a rocket launch and launch Rocket League."

Intel wasn't the first company to use an actor from the "I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC" commercials. John Hodgman reprised his role as the PC guy to boast about M1 performance during Apple's announcement of the SoC.