Something to look forward to: More reports on Nintendo's next Switch model have arrived. It's claimed that the upcoming handheld hybrid will use a new system-on-a-chip from Nvidia that features support for team green's DLSS tech, allowing it to output 4K-quality images when connected to a UHD TV.

Earlier this month, we heard that a new 7-inch Switch with a 720p OLED display would go into production as early as June. The machine, which could be called the Switch Pro, Super Switch, or even Switch 2, may have a refresh rate higher than the current model's 60Hz and is expected to support 4K resolutions.

According to a Bloomberg report, the next Switch will feature an upgraded GPU that supports Nvidia's DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling). As a recap, DLSS, introduced with the RTX 20-series graphics cards in September 2018, renders supported games at a lower than native resolution then upscales them back to the native res using AI and deep learning. This allows gamers to play at high resolutions and settings without turning a title into a slideshow. Its initial implementation left a lot to be desired, but the technology has improved immensely since then. AMD's version, FidelityFX, is set to arrive this year.

DLSS Modes vs. RTX GPU @ 4K

As DLSS only works with supported games, the feature will primarily be used in upcoming Switch titles, writes Bloomberg. Its addition should go some way to helping the device compete graphically against the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, not that visuals have been an important element to Switch owners.

The current Switch uses a Tegra X1 that was first announced in 2015, so it's of little surprise to learn that a new custom design from Nvidia is coming to the next model, which is also expected to feature an improved CPU and more memory.

As for the new Switch's price, it's predicted that Nintendo could ask up to $399 for the machine, which is $100 more than the current model's MSRP.