Bottom line: Samsung could be the latest smartphone maker to partner with an established photography company on an upcoming flagship. If true, the Korean electronics maker would become the latest in a growing list of smartphone makers that have teamed up with camera brands.

Tech leaker Yogesh shared in a recent series of tweets that Samsung and Olympus have held talks about a possible partnership. It's unclear how far along they are in the discussions or which devices might get Olympus-branded gear, but a special edition Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy S22 Ultra were mentioned by name as plausible candidates.

It's an interesting development considering the fact Olympus recently sold its camera business to Japan Industrial Partners, citing smartphones' damage to the digital camera industry. The transfer was completed on January 1, 2021, despite largely flying under the radar.

Olympus has a long history in the camera business, and most recently focused its efforts on the micro four thirds platform alongside Panasonic.

Huawei locked arms with optics specialist Leica back in 2016 and Nokia has a history of working with Carl Zeiss. More recently, OnePlus partnered with Hasselblad on the OnePlus 9.

Samsung's next foldable smartphone is expected to arrive sometime later this year while the Galaxy S22 Ultra almost certainly won't land until sometime in early 2022.

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