Why it matters: Season four of Castlevania is set to premiere on May 13, 2021, with 10 episodes, and based on the trailer alone, there's some real momentum behind it. In less than one day, the teaser has already amassed more than 1.7 million views on YouTube. With any luck, the interest will help influence Netflix to further explore the Castlevania universe through a new series.

Netflix has shared a trailer for the fourth and final season of its Castlevania animated series.

The streaming giant confirmed earlier this month that despite the show's success, the series would end with season four. Following allegations of sexual misconduct against the show's creator, Warren Ellis, Netflix decided to no longer work with him.

Sources earlier this month did say, however, that Netflix was thinking about creating a new series that would be set in the same universe as Castlevania, complete with a new cast of characters. Unfortunately, we have no further news to report on that front at this time.

Netflix's official synopsis for season four is as follows:

"Wallachia collapses into chaos as factions clash: some attempting to take control, others attempting to bring Dracula back from the dead. Nobody is who they seem, and nobody can be trusted. These are the end times."

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