Editor's take: Revivals are always risky but considering how poorly the original finale was received, it was almost a given that some day, Showtime would revisit Dexter and give it a proper sendoff. Efforts like Cobra Kai have recently proven that some franchises still have compelling stories to tell. Hopefully that'll be the case here as well.

Dexter is scheduled to return this fall and we're just now getting our first look at what's to come. Warning: mild spoilers ahead for those that haven't followed the series through its finale thus far.

Showtime back in October 2020 announced that its hit crime drama Dexter would be making a comeback this year. The show, which was once one of the most pirated TV shows around, originally ran from October 2006 through September 2013 and followed a forensic technician that moonlighted as a vigilante serial killer who hunted down and dispatched of criminals that slipped through the justice system.

Although the show did receive a proper sendoff that tied up most of the loose ends, critics, including Michael C. Hall, who plays the title character Dexter Morgan, weren't necessarily happy with how the series ended.

This new 10-episode miniseries will give showrunner Clyde Phillips the opportunity to essentially rewrite the show's ending.

"So far as the ending of the show, this will have no resemblance to how the original finale was. It's a great opportunity to write a second finale," Phillips told The Hollywood Reporter last year.

Phillips added that the amount of time that has passed in real life will be reflected in the show, and based on the visual in the teaser, it would seem that Dexter is simply back up to this old ways, but in a new locale. This also seems to nix the possibility of most of the old cast returning, but we won't know for sure until later this year.

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