Forward-looking: OnePlus is known for making some of the best Android phones around, and with the release of the Nord series, the company has effectively expanded to the budget to mid-range segment with a two-pronged strategy. Now, it's apparently pushing to the tablet market, according to a listing found on the European IP Office's website.

There have been rumors surrounding the launch of a OnePlus tablet for some time, although the company has never confirmed it. However, a listing found at the European Union Intellectual Property Office's (EUIPO) website suggests OnePlus is indeed planning to launch a tablet.

According to the trademark information, OnePlus filed an entry for a product named 'OnePlus Pad' on the July 1st. If the name isn't enough to make you believe this is a tablet, take a look at the 'Goods and services' segment found in this PDF (thanks 9to5Google). Considering the name and all the devices mentioned in this segment, a "tablet computer" seems the most likely.

If the OnePlus Pad is actually a tablet, it will be the company's first, and also a welcome alternative to a market mostly led by Apple. Brands such as Samsung, Amazon and Lenovo continue to launch new tablets, but their market share is far from reaching the heights of Apple's.

Other entrants include Realme, after CEO Madhav Max shared that the manufacturer is working on a new tablet called Realme Pad. Xiaomi and Oppo are also reportedly developing new tablets.

Masthead credit: Mayer Maged