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New Surface Pro is blazing fast, battery life is great, but performance comes at a steep price

Visually, not much has changed with the new Surface Pro. On the inside, however, is where most of Microsoft’s attention has been focused. First reviews are praising Surface Pro's overall execution of the convertible tablet, performance is great, battery life has been noticeably improved, the kickstand is as good as ever, but the differentiating pen and keyboard are not included on the pricey affair that the Surface has become.

The incredibly powerful iPad Pro 10.5 won't replace your laptop, but it might be able to soon

A week after Apple announced the new iPad Pro 10.5, first reviews are flowing in with availability starting today as well. Reviewers point out that this is the first iPad to make a convincing argument for the "Pro" label and that iOS 11 will make it the most computer-like iPad ever, but the price is definitively not for everyone, especially when accounting for extra memory and accessories.

The Best Tablets: Lower prices make tablets attractive entry-level computing devices

Exploding tablet sales are no more. This could be explained by a number of factors, among them that smartphones are now larger and faster, while laptops are thinner and lighter than they used to. The good news for consumers is that prices have never been better. Tablets remain an attractive form factor for numerous uses and with the price of a top notch tablet below $400, they are more accessible than ever before.