WTF?! Many think that streamers have an easy job. That they sit around all day just broadcasting themselves playing video games. Admittedly, that part is pretty easy. It's getting people to watch that is the trick. So sometimes, content creators will go to great lengths to get those views. One YouTuber has come up with what he admits is his worst idea ever.

Update (07/22/21): RubberNinja woke up from his rest and mentioned he was on day three, so the 12+ hour count was not accurate. He appears to be well behind last year's pace of 1,499 eggs per hour. It is unclear what has slowed him down.

Ross O'Donovan (aka RubberNinja) is attempting to eat at least 139,860 eggs in Final Fantasy XIV, which is the maximum number of eggs you can have in your character's inventory (140 stacks of 999). He is streaming the entire event, dubbed "Eggwalker," on his Twitch channel.

RubberNinja got the idea after receiving a ton of press last August when eating 999 eggs, which he said he did only as a "sh*t-post." To get an idea of the scope of this challenge, RubberNinja said it took him 1.5 hours to eat 999 eggs last time. So not including real-life eating and restroom breaks, the broadcast should run over 210 hours.

As if eating 140,000 in-games eggs was not enough of a challenge, RubberNinja has also imposed several rules to his online feat. The eggs must be consumed constantly, even if he is trying to complete game content. He will also add 999 eggs to his inventory for every 1,000 subscribers the broadcast brings in, so the final total could be much more. As of this post, he has reached 4,245 subscriptions, adding 3,996 eggs to the count.

When he takes breaks to eat in real life, he can only consume meals containing eggs, and if his subscriber count reaches 20,000, he will "become an egg" by shaving his head. During the stream, he will sleep on camera as well, presumably to prove he's not just taking a nonessential break.

O'Donovan said he would start his subathon on Tuesday, but currently, the stream shows he's only been rolling for 12 hours and 45 minutes, so he got a late start. So far, he has consumed 7,300 in-game eggs. Doing the math (999/1.5*12.75=8,491.5) shows he's slightly above his August pace.

He is also not without help in completing his challenge. While he sleeps, viewers can type the word "egg" in chat every 2.5 seconds, and his character will eat one. As I watch, there are 1,793 viewers taking turns typing egg non-stop as RubberNinja sleeps on his couch. It appears he will be in good hands while he rests.