What just happened? Sony is nearly ready to show off what it has in store for the PlayStation 5 this holiday season. Sid Shuman, senior director of global content communication at PlayStation, said in a newly published blog post that Sony will hold its next PlayStation showcase on September 9. It'll run roughly 40 minutes and include updates from PlayStation Studios as well as some of the industry's leading developers, highlighting games scheduled to launch this holiday season and beyond.

Shuman did shoot down one rumor in advance. PlayStation's next-gen virtual reality system won't be featured in the showcase.

Sony, if you recall, confirmed back in February that it is indeed working on a follow-up to the original PlayStation VR platform for the PlayStation 5.

At the time, we were told that the new PSVR would enable "dramatic leaps in performance and interactivity" thanks to its enhanced resolution, better field of view, improved tracking and more precise inputs. It is expected to connect to the console via a single cable, and will ship with a new controller with improved ergonomics that borrows key features from the DualSense wireless gamepad.

No launch date was provided, but we do know that it won't be shipping this year.

Of course, there are plenty of gamers out there that are still waiting for the opportunity to get their hands on a PS5. Unfortunately, component shortages, scalpers and retail store policies continue to make this a frustrating task.

Sony's PlayStation showcase airs on September 9 (next Thursday) at 1 p.m. Pacific / 4 p.m. Eastern on YouTube and Twitch.