Something to look forward to: Just in time for Halloween, Capcom has revealed a VR version of Resident Evil 4. On Monday, the publisher said it would launch on October 21 at 7am PDT, just in time for Halloween. Capcom does not yet list a price for the game. If it's as scary as Resident Evil 7 is for the PSVR, you might want to restock your underwear drawer.

Armature Studio and Oculus Studios worked together on the Oculus Quest 2 exclusive port first announced back in April. Capcom put together a gameplay trailer to go with the release date reveal (below).

In Resident Evil 4, players step into the shoes of US government special agent Leon Kennedy. The VR port will have all of the immersive features that one would expect from a virtual reality game. Players can pick up objects from the environment and switch between weapons by pulling them from different holsters. Players will manipulate puzzles with their virtual hands rather than controller buttons.

Since the Quest 2 is wireless, the game can be played while standing without the worry of pulling your gaming rig off its perch. Of course, those who suffer from vertigo or who are new to VR might want to play seated. To help with VR-related dizziness, players can choose between teleportation and room-scale movement modes.

Earlier this year, photographer and artist Judy Juracek sued Capom over its alleged use of her work in Resident Evil 4 and other Capcom titles. One of the lifted pieces appears in the RE4 logo, which Capcom was using unaltered until April of this year. Juracek's lawsuit came in June, and in the latest announcement, the publisher altered the logo to remove the splintering in the number four, which Juracek claims to own. While not an admission of wrongdoing, it could be an indicator that Capcom is preparing to settle the dispute.

Resident Evil 4 VR launches on October 21, 2021 only on Oculus Quest 2. Pricing is to be determined. You can sign up for updates on the Oculus website.