In brief: Are you a fan of colorful little bricks and frustration? Lego has just revealed its largest set to date: a replica of the HMS Titanic. Like the famous ship that sunk in the Atlantic Ocean over 100 years ago, this thing is enormous.

The Lego HMS Titanic beats the company's previous largest set, the 9,036-piece Lego Colosseum, thanks to its 9,090 pieces. It measures 54 inches; that's four-and-a-half feet of display space you'll need to find once it's put together, which will doubtlessly take a very, very long time. For some context, the monstrously large Lego Imperial Star Destroyer is just under four feet in length.

All those pieces mean the Lego Titanic, which has a 1:200 scale, is incredibly detailed. A cross-section shows a staircase, a smoking lounge, and boiler room---you can even turn the propellers to watch the pistons move. The outside, meanwhile, has features such as a bridge, promenade deck, a working anchor, tension lines, and a swimming pool.

The set is part of Lego's range designed specifically for adults, so it's recommended for people aged eighteen years and older.

The Lego Titanic will be available for pre-order on November 1 before going on full sale on November 8. It's obviously not going to be cheap--- $630 RRP---but that's still less than the $699.99 Star Destroyer.

Somewhat surprisingly, a recent survey showed that, based on public tweets, Lego is the second most-hated brand in the US, sitting between top place Uber and third-place Sony. That's presumably related to the company's customer service arm, rather than people accidentally standing on the bricks barefoot.