Bottom line: Not content with huge profits they're earning from the Xbox Series X, scalpers are now pouncing on the console's mini fridge counterpart. Prices for the novelty item have approached levels equal to the console's digital model.

The Xbox Series X mini fridge became available to pre-order earlier this week at a reasonable price point of $99. As expected, scalpers capitalized on the opportunity to profit from a sizable markup, causing the gaming-themed appliance to sell out in mere minutes.

US retailer Target saw their stock levels depleted immediately. It's a similar state of affairs over in the UK where retailer GAME, the exclusive supplier of the mini fridge in the region, set pre-orders to go live at 2 p.m. Just 10 minutes later, customers took to Twitter to express their annoyance that they were already sold out.

On marketplaces like eBay, those who managed to grab a pre-order were listing them between $250 and $300. Similarly, on eBay UK, prices are approaching the £300 mark.

Xbox social marketing manager Josh Stein confirmed that additional stock would arrive upon the launch of the mini fridge sometime in December.

Xbox Games marketing head Aaron Greenberg echoed that statement, reassuring those who missed the Target drop that most units for this launch will be sold in store in December. Furthermore, Microsoft said it will continue to expand regional availability during 2022.

In what was originally a viral meme making fun of the rather large size of the console, the Xbox Series X mini fridge became a reality when Microsoft announced a partnership with Ukonic to create the replica.

The tower holds up to 12 cans, joined by two shelves situated in the door for snacks. It also features a USB port to charge devices, while a DC power adapter allows the mini fridge to offer portability.

As for availability of the console itself, supply chain constraints will see Xbox Series X production affected through 2022.