What just happened? Not for the first time, an argument over a video game has resulted in someone being killed. The title in this instance was Diablo II, and the fight led to Joshua G. Spellman of Amboy, WA, allegedly shooting his friend of 26 years.

The Columbian reports that 36-year-old Spellman is accused of shooting and killing 34-year-old Andrew W. Dickson on Friday, December 17, following an argument over a game of Diablo II that the pair were playing along with a third friend called Rob.

Spellman told detectives that both he and Dickson lived on Spellman's parent's property but occupied separate dwellings and played the game using headsets. The incident stemmed from a random player entering the friends' game and stealing a valuable piece of loot that the party had failed to collect.

Dickson was apparently upset at what happened as the game should have been password protected. Spellman told detectives that his friend started "yelling, name-calling and cursing at him" in a tirade that lasted three to five minutes.

Spellman warned Dickson that he needed to calm down or else he would get shot. Spellman then took the gun from next to his computer and walked to Dickson's house. When asked by detectives why he kept a pistol next to his PC, Spellman said, "why not? This is America."

Court records state that Spellman fired the gun into the air as he walked between the two houses. He entered the main house and began talking to his father before Dickson entered and confronted Spellman over the earlier threat to shoot him.

According to the affidavit, Dickson then "closed the distance" between them, and Spellman shot him in the torso. He was rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgery but died from his injuries.

Spellman, who has no known prior criminal history, said Dickson was often upset and volatile but had never been violent toward him.

Spellman appeared in Clark County Superior Court on suspicion of second-degree murder. Judge Jennifer Snider set bail at $750,000---prosecutors had asked for $2 million. He is scheduled to be arraigned on December 29.

In 2018, an argument that started over an unnamed PlayStation 4 basketball game led to a 16-year-old shooting and killing his friend. There was also the 2017 case of a Call of Duty game that resulted in the death of an uninvolved person after one player provided a fake address, daring the other to swat him. Armed police turned up at the given location and shot 28-year-old Andy Finch, a father-of-two from Wichita, Kansas.