Facepalm: What if you started a game without a proper introduction into its mechanics and were ill-equipped to beat its enemies? That's where new Destiny 2 players are finding themselves after being thrust into high-level content with no understanding of how to abort. Veteran players are coming to the rescue by tricking the matchmaking system into grouping them with low-level players.

Destiny 2's "Dares of Eternity" expansion is making life a living hell for newer players. To begin with, Bungie automatically launches players into the content. Newer players are started at a power level of 1,100. Unfortunately, Dares of Eternity is rated for players 1,150 and above who own the right equipment. Because of this discrepancy, low-level players are stuck in missions they cannot beat.

As if that weren't enough, the matchmaking system only teams together like-level players, essentially trapping groups of noobs in high-level play. Forbes noted that champions and bosses are particularly frustrating because you cannot defeat them without unique weapon mods that new players are not likely to have. Some complained of being stuck in the DLC for an hour or more, unable to pass the second dare boss.

Users discussed the problem on the Destiny 2 subreddit, and even veteran players admitted that New Lights don't have a chance of completing the missions.

"Dares of Eternity may be a fun playground for veteran users, but for New Lights, it's like a burning hell," said one Redditor.

Several high-level members of the Destiny 2 community have taken it upon themselves to get the new players through the frustratingly difficult DoE content in a player-created mission called "The Rescue." The problem is getting into a low-level group.

What the players have been doing is stripping themselves of their high-level equipment and lowering their light levels in hopes of tricking the matchmaking system into teaming them with stuck New Lights. If they succeed, they simply re-equip their gear and get the new players through the content.

The Destiny 2 vets are actually finding this rescue mission just as fun as the content itself.

"Queuing for Dares of Eternity for a few hours to help New Lights is the most fun I've had in Destiny in a while," said one player after helping several new users get through DoE.

Many players questioned the wisdom of automatically enrolling players into new content. While you can escape the content by simply going back into orbit, it's not the most straightforward process, and beginners are likely unaware of how to do it. At the very least, Bungie should be starting players at much higher power levels when doing this.

A Bungie representative responded to the Reddit posts saying that developers are looking into the situation and hope to resolve it as soon as possible.

"We've got some emails out to the team about this. Cheers to all who are hopping in to help New Lights in need."