Are you really, really sure? Sony is finally launching auto-captures on the PlayStation 5 – again. You might recall that it beta tested the feature in Japan and Canada back in October before seemingly rolling it out in the US back in January. However, as suddenly as users started seeing the feature show up on their consoles, Sony took it away.

Evidently, Game Captures were mistaken released to only a handful of PS5 owners. This time it's for real, as indicated by Sony's official announcement on Twitter---something it did not do back in January. As we suspected last time, it will be a gradual rollout to reduce the load on servers and give Sony time to adjust to the added traffic.

Sony will first introduce it in North, South, and Central American countries, including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, the US, and Uruguay. It will start rolling out to other regions worldwide in March. It will be a standard feature on the PS5, so no PlayStation Plus subscription is necessary.

If you missed the news in October, Game Capture (also known as Auto-Upload and Auto-Capture) allows PS5 users to toggle a setting that automatically sends screenshots and short video clips to the cloud. Sony stores the media for up to 14 days before deleting it from servers to make room for more. During that time, users can access their captures from their phones using the PlayStation app. From there, they can do as they wish---store them on their camera roll, share on social media, or send them to their PC.

Once players receive the update, there should be a notice that pops up allowing them to enable auto-uploads right there. If they miss the message, the setting is located in Settings>Captures and Broadcasts>Captures. There they will find the toggle to turn it on or off.