Editor's take: I recall having hours of fun playing with my Legos as a kid. I'd mostly had just the standard regular blocks that I'd get for birthdays or Christmas, either as a small set or just a box full of bricks. Eventually, I had enough to fill two five-gallon buckets.

A few days ago, an enterprising Lego builder posted a video of his light-up Legos, and I was swept back to my childhood.

"If they had only had these when I was a kid," I thought.

The anonymous builder made the unique building bricks, he calls LEDOs, as a submission to Lego for consideration for mass production. Lego rejected the idea.

However, as the builder points out, they are not hard to make. The LEDs and induction ring are pretty cheap, too---only $20 for one ring and 10 colored LEDs. Just glue them into your favorite clear Lego blocks, and they light up when placed over the induction ring. The ring can easily be housed inside some flat Lego foundation pieces for a more seamless look.