In brief: This week, Microsoft released a Windows 11 insider preview build that has found an interesting way to help reduce a PC's carbon footprint. It also adds phone linking, Microsoft 365 subscription management, and enhancements to various parts of the Windows 11 interface.

The main addition of Windows 11 insider build 22567 is the ability to schedule updates for times of the day when the local energy grid is pulling more from renewable energy sources. It uses regional carbon intensity data from electricityMap and WattTime if available. Windows hasn't rolled out the optional feature to all insiders yet but will expand it based on initial feedback.

Another new feature appears to be a follow-up to Microsoft's subscription information page that rolled out last month. Now it takes one less click to view a user's Microsoft 365 subscription, located in Settings > Accounts. The new UI also displays subscription payment information.

Microsoft 365 still seems to be the only subscription this feature helps you keep track of so far. Microsoft hasn't mentioned whether it plans to add Game Pass or non-Microsoft subscriptions to the informative page. However, the account pages will now more prominently display free services included with Microsoft accounts, like OneDrive or Office on the web. Microsoft will likely use this to advertise 365 more aggressively.

In the new build, users can link an Android phone to Windows 11, allowing users to handle many of the handset's functions with a keyboard and mouse. These include making calls, sending texts, and using apps.

The new build also brings several smaller tweaks to the "Open With" dialog box, the start menu, touch gestures, voice typing, and more. The release notes have all the details for those interested.