WTF?! In these worrying times when we're being warned about rising gas prices and the overall cost of living going up, it's reassuring to see that Apple is still charging an awful lot of money for stuff that should be cheap---or free. Being able to raise and lower your Studio Display monitor, for example, a feature most of us take for granted, will add $400 onto an already substantial price tag.

There were raised eyebrows this week when Apple unveiled the Studio Display, a 27" 5K retina screen with a resolution of 5120 x 2880 (218 PPI) that cost less than half the $5,000 it charges for the Pro Display XDR; admittedly, the more expensive monitor is five inches larger and features HDR.

Another very welcome aspect of the Studio Display is that the $1,599 price ($1,899 with nano-textured glass) includes a monitor stand or VESA wall mount, unlike the Pro Display, which charges $1,000 for such a privilege. However, before you write a letter of thanks to Apple, be aware that including the pretty standard function of height adjustability will add another $400 to the price, taking it to $1,999.

Apple's images suggest that the extra $400 adds a small, moveable arm to the stand that allows for height adjustment. One can only presume this is made from gold and encrusted with diamonds.

Apple's well-known for its extravagantly priced items. In addition to the $1,000 Pro Display XDR Stand, there's the $300 Feet Kit and $700 Wheels Kit for the Mac Pro, which really are just four feet or four wheels. And don't forget the $19 polishing cloth it recommends to buyers of its nano-textured Pro Display XDR. You might think that's obscene for a small piece of material, yet it was at one point Apple's most backordered product.