WTF?! Razer's headsets boast many impressive features, but it appears the company forgot to mention that they're bulletproof. The seemingly believable claim comes from a Redditor who says his life was saved by one of the peripherals when it stopped a stray bullet.

Enough_Dance_956's 'Razed saved my life.....' post includes several images of what appears to be a bullet hole in his window and a damaged Razer headset. According to the 18-year-old, who lives in Torrance, California, a stray bullet came through the glass last Wednesday and ricocheted off the headset they were wearing at the time. The projectile was deflected into a wall before it landed on the bed.

The headset in question was the original Razer Kraken. Having never shot any ourselves, it's hard to verify their ability to deflect a bullet, though the photos suggest it perforated the outer material and bounced off the metal inside. Enough_Dance_956 writes that they filed a police report and authorities took the bullet.

Being the internet, this could all be an elaborate hoax, especially when you consider it was posted on April 1. Some commentators say there is no corresponding hole in the mesh behind the window, but closer inspection shows it has bent and warped. Others question whether a bullet that allegedly came from a block away could enter the window at such an angle. It's also noted that if a stray bullet really did fly through the glass, it would have traveled over the wearer's head had they not been sporting the Krakens, given where it entered the headphones' band.

If the incident really did occur, it would have carried more believability if the poster didn't wait until April 1 to reveal it on Reddit. Nevertheless, a Razer Kraken representative offered to replace the $79 headset, but Enough_Dance_956 refused, saying they just wanted to thank the company.

Way back in 2016, a former Nokia executive claimed that a Nokia 301, first released in 2013, saved a man in Afghanistan by stopping a bullet. Shame it wasn't a Nokia 3310, which would have likely deflected it back to the shooter.

h/t: Windows Central