Highly anticipated: Sony had a lot to unpack for investors at an investor presentation on Thursday. Not only did it confirm three more game-to-TV adaptations, but it also revealed a couple of morsels regarding its upcoming PS VR2.

Update (05/27): Shortly after publication, Sony announced its next State of Play presentation is scheduled for June 2. Sony plans to show 30 minutes of PlayStation news and updates, including sneak peeks at several PS VR2 games. Although that's six days away, you can bookmark this article and watch PlayStation's State of Play below or look for it on Twitch or YouTube. The program begins June 2 at 6pm ET.

A few things Sony pointed out to investors about the PlayStation VR2 we already knew, like that the new motion controllers will have haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. It also reiterated that the PS VR2 would have only one cord that plugs straight into the PlayStation 5 instead of a hub.

What was news is that the new virtual reality headset would be launching with over 20 "major first-party games." One of those titles is a Horizon spinoff called "Horizon Call of the Mountain." A Horizon VR title seems like a good choice for a launch title and is bound to sell a few units. However, players want options, so a robust initial lineup of games is vital.

While it's still too early to know how much content will be available for the PS VR2 on release, having 20 or more first-party games is a good sign. When Sony launched its first virtual reality headset in 2016, there were a little over 40 games to play on it. Only one was from PlayStation Studios (The Playroom VR), and quite a few were more like tech demos or mini games than "major" titles.

Content drives hardware sales. If Sony is putting up 20 games alone and third-party developers stay on par with their launch releases from the previous generation, the PS VR2 could be looking at 60 or more games on day one. Big name VR ports like Horizon, Gran Turismo, and Uncharted, coupled with significant third-party contributions (crossed fingers: Half-Life Alyx), could accelerate early adoption way beyond what the first-generation headset saw.