In a nutshell: Doom has become the go-to test to determine if a piece of hardware or software has been hacked to satisfaction, but can Doom run Doom? In 2015, we highlighted a Doom mod that let you play Doom inside Doom. The latest effort from YouTuber kgsws doesn't use a mod to accomplish this feat but rather, an exploit found in Doom II.

We've seen everything from McDonald's self-order kiosks and Lego pieces to Ikea smart lamps and smart fridges get the treatment. This is yet another impressive interpretation along those same lines.

The user figured out a way to get Chocolate Doom (a Doom source port) running inside Doom II using the exploit. Kgsws notes that both games are running independently of each other, and thus use twice as much memory as normal. And it's not just a visual trick - pressing F12 allows kgsws to control the in-game instance.

It doesn't end there, however, as the YouTuber was even able to load other games into Doom, like Heretic.

Those interested in tinkering with the exploit can head over to GitHub and grab the requisite files. You'll also need a DOS copy of Doom II.

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