What just happened? We know that the launch of the first RTX 4000 cards, or card, is likely less than two months away. There have been plenty of rumors and speculation about some of Lovelace's high-end GPUs, but are they actually in production? According to leaked documents, at least one of Nvidia's next-gen lineup is being manufactured. Interestingly, it's the RTX 4090, which was previously rumored to be the first in the series to arrive, and possibly the only one landing this year.

The documents, allegedly from a Chinese graphics card manufacturing factory, were spotted on Baidu by @harukaze5719. They appear to show four production slots for the RTX 4090 alongside an August 16 date, probably the production start date. The last column showing the date they will be ready is cut off, though it's possible to see that the month is down as August.

There are some specs in the document. The RTX 4090 is listed as using the AD102 GPU and 24GB of VRAM, along with four display outputs consisting of three DisplayPorts and one HDMI. However, the column that shows the number of boards being produced is empty.

We've heard plenty of rumors about the RTX 4090, including claims that it could be twice as fast as the RTX 3090, with 56% more CUDA cores than its predecessor.

While leaks like these should always be taken with a heavy dose of salt, it does line up with previous Ada Lovelace rumors. Back in May, regular leaker Kopite7kimi said the RTX 4090 would launch first, followed by the RTX 4080, then the RTX 4070.

There was also the claim from another prolific leaker, Greymon55, who in July said the RTX 4090 would be the only Lovelace card to launch this year, with the rest of the line---those with GPUs under the AD102---arriving after 2022.

The RTX 4000 series is expected to be announced in September at GTC and land this October. Nvidia keeps reducing the prices of its current-gen cards as it looks to clear stock before their successors' launch, so gamers are now faced with the dilemma of whether to buy now or wait until Lovelace.

Another RTX 4000 rumor this week claimed the RTX 4080 specs had been revised. The card is now said to feature 16GB of 23 Gbps GDRR6X memory, faster than previously thought, and a 340W TBP.