Something to look forward to: A well-known Microsoft leaker, known as Albacore, recently discovered what may be the first signs of a new Windows update method called "Moment," set to be included in the upcoming 22H2 update. This is expected to be a new way for Microsoft to implement new features into Windows.

For the last 25 years, Microsoft has had a simple (and sometimes messy) way of pushing updates to Windows and to the millions who rely on the operating system across the globe.

Since Windows 98, Microsoft started to push OS updates out over the internet, to improve performance, fix bugs, or simply add new features. Starting with Windows XP, Microsoft also had "Service Packs" that would collect lots of these smaller updates and changes and bundle them into one large update.

Windows Update is still around and being used in Windows 11, now with monthly updates at a minimum, although updates can be released ahead of schedule, usually reserved for major security concerns or bug regressions. Starting in 2019 with Windows 10, Microsoft abandoned the "Service Pack" system in favor of a simpler "year-half" naming scheme, providing major updates to Windows more often.

Microsoft is expected to release the Windows 11 "22H2" update very soon, adding many features that users may find interesting. A well-known Microsoft leaker, Albacore, recently tweeted about an upcoming feature that is expected to arrive along with the 22H2 update. The feature is called "Moment" and is expected to be a new method to release new features into Windows.

Albacore claims that Moments are going to be new occasional updates for Windows that will implement more features to the operating system, potentially coinciding with Microsoft's bi-yearly major updates. He also notes that the first Moment update is planned to arrive in October, following 22H2's release, which is rumored to be released on September 20.

As usual, those who want to test Moment features before they are officially released can check those out in the Windows Insider's beta channel. If interested, this article can help you join the Windows Insider program.

Microsoft has not officially announced Moments, and by extension, has not confirmed how often these will arrive, or if they could replace the bi-yearly updates. It should be interesting to see how these updates mesh with Microsoft's new "experience packs" that they mentioned back in February, or if they are literally the same program, let alone the good additions they are making with PowerToys, although these could also be seen as half-commitments to solidly add these features into the standard Windows experience.