Highly anticipated: It feels like we've been talking about the RTX 4000 series' upcoming arrival for a while now, with constant rumors and speculation about which cards will land first and when. But Nvidia has kept fairly tight-lipped about Lovelace---until now.

While there's no mention of the RTX 4000 series specifically, it's hard to imagine that a tweet for something called ProjectBeyond is for anything other than Lovelace. The post comes from the Nvidia GeForce account, so it's obviously gaming-related and not part of Nvidia's other businesses, such as AI, datacenters, or its vehicle tech division.

One of the few times Nvidia has mentioned its next-generation of gaming cards was during its Q2 2023 financial call, during which CEO Jensen Huang said the company would go into next year with its new architecture and that he was looking forward to revealing more at Nvidia's GPU Technology Conference, better known as GTC.

We're only 12 days away (September 20) from Huang's GTC 2022 keynote. While the event is less focused on gaming products and more on areas such as AI, Nvidia's boss said the company will "share new advances of RTX reinventing 3D graphics and gaming."

We've long known that the RTX 4000 cards were arriving soon, so an official announcement at GDC makes sense---there will likely be a dedicated launch event at a later date.

Assuming ProjectBeyond is a Lovelace reveal, and it seems almost certain that it will be, it'll be a relief to get confirmation of which cards will be the first to arrive. It appears that Nvidia will start by launching the RTX 4090, 4080, and 4070. A previous rumor (there have been many) claimed they would arrive in that order with several weeks between each release. We also heard that the only RTX 4000 card to launch in 2022 would be the most powerful and expensive of the three, the RTX 4090.

We'll have a livestream of Huang's GTC keynote on Techspot, so make sure to watch the whole thing for confirmation of what ProjectBeyond is all about.